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Westerbeke marine diesel engines represent over 70 years of industry leading experience in auxiliary marine propulsion. Exclusively designed for demanding marine applications, our marine engines represent a breakthrough in compactness, quietness, and reliability. Used by the most prestigious sailboat builders, thousands of Westerbeke marine engines have been installed in boats for pleasure, commercial and government use.


Westerbeke Propulsion Engines
Model Cyl CID HP Std. Transmission Std. Ratio Price
12D Two 2 39 12.0 ZF5M 2.05:1 Please Inquire
30C Three 3 58 27.0 PRM 80 2.5:1
35E Three 3 80 31.0 PRM 120 2.0:1
44C Four 4 107 44.0 PRM 120 2.0:1
55D Four 4 133 55.0 ZF25M 1.88:1

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